Every year, hundreds of thousands of businesses are invaded by professional and thrill-seeking criminals. Property is damaged, equipment is stolen and employees are frightened. With the arrival of new technologies in business security systems, criminals are now thinking twice before attempting break-ins.

Business and Home Security is an increasingly important focus of owners and executives everywhere. Criminal activity in the workplace continues to cost businesses, institutions and agencies millions of naira each year. Even more important are the injuries, trauma and death that occur because of these criminals.

Our reputation of installing successful burglary alarm system for multinational companies as well as individuals, rate us amongst the best in the area of security management services in Nigeria.

We have attained this preferred rank service since; we understand our clients’ needs and constantly develop unique and exciting solutions that allow us to consistently go beyond expectations,


At Jessie Integrated Services, our job is to help you prevent and react to criminal activity in your workplace. Our Burglar Alarm Systems (or Intruder Alarm Systems as they are known in the trade), are installed by skilled technicians and are designed to meet the customer’s requirements.

We have been providing our customers with innovative security products that offer reliability and peace of mind. While our competitors use generic products that have not been able to stand the test of time, our solutions come with state-of-the-art components that meet international standard.

Our arrays of alarm panels, keypads, wireless systems, detectors, and panic buttons are manufactured by highly reputable industry leaders. Jessie Integrated Services will help you provide solutions that will meet your security concerns in terms of intrusion detection, fire and burglar alarm.



  • Multi Zone Alarm Panels (Wired, Wireless, Hybrid)
  • Keypads (Analog, Digital, Wired, Wireless, etc)
  • PIR (Standard, Pet Immune, Passive Adaptive)
  • Glass-break Detectors, Vibration Detectors
  • Warning Bells, Sirens, Strobes, Buzzers, etc
  • Panic Buttons, Receivers, Voice Dialers, etc
  • Open Frame Transformers, etc.