Considering the sensitivity of optical fiber installation, our company uses the latest technology methods of installation and standard equipment. We deploy amongst other several splicing method acquired over time, the fusion splicing method which has over time been proven as the best method. This method has over time been proven to have 98% efficiency and almost no failure.

Using modern equipment like the compressor machine, the hydraulic machine, the blowing machine and the cooling machine makes blowing the cable easier and faster.

For transmission of communications signals optical fibers are laid down for which trenches are dug and the cable installed. These cables, termed feeders, are laid in feeder ducts within trenches in the roads. The trenching has to be undertaken following stringent regulations provided by the civil authorities.

We have the technical expertise to lay down optic fiber cables and manage the entire process from trenching to cable laying, splicing and termination, and integration in compliance with all regulations.