Jessie Integrated Network team will design & manage your network in a professional and competent manner so as to meet business and user requirements. Emphasis is placed on new technology integration, scalability, redundancy, security, flexibility and manageability.

We have delivered data networking both wired and wireless that set us apart from other contractor. We deliver the most advanced networking technologies available and supply industry leading Ethernet switching, wireless technologies, integrated routers, gateways and appliances that allow you to build dependable, high performance networks.

A critical success factor in achieving the desired results of a brilliant network design is the quality and capabilities of the implementation team. You need engineers who know the products and have practical experience working in a multi-brand environment.

  • Building  MAN, LAN, WLAN & Wi-Fi Networks
  • Intrinsically safe network design for Oil & Gas companies
  • Reconfiguring and upgrading network elements, systems, and facilities
  • Documenting the physical, logical network
  • Router, switch configuration and installation
  • Operating system migration and upgrades.
  • Network Assessment & Management

We also design & implement other network-reliant technologies such as;

  • Server installation
  • Active Directory & Domain Network Capabilities
  • Wide Area Network & Wireless LAN Integration
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Virtual LAN (VLAN) technologies.

Our cabling management is great and we provide all kinds of wireless device.